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Make out with a girl

Go For The Tender Bite Be very careful here gentlemen because if you bite too hard and cut her lip, you might be in hot water pronto. We know how much girls love that anyways. Kissing with your eyes open for the first time really is freaky! Hmm… awkward! The hands offer security and just heighten the effects of the kiss. What kissing does is get you warmed up, boosting blood flow and shifting your adrenal gland into overdrive, so you body is ready to take action. Then you can gently help her improve her kissing technique if you see fit. Start out with very slow kisses. Practice breathing from your diaphragm and speaking in a low and sexy voice. I like to compare it to eating an ice cream cone. In other words, you just need to stop fretting, let your guard down and go for it. Question…Who made you the kissing police? Kissing someone with slobbery gum in their mouth — Yuk! Never fear. Make out with a girl

Make out with a girl

Make out with a girl

Make out with a girl

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    Well normal kisses are usually closed-mouthed while making out involves opening and closing your mouth, right? Kiss her softly first and venture off from there. So I open my mouth and see if she does the same.

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