Tattoos in memory of a loved one 21 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas To Honor A Loved One

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Me getting my tattoo for my brother who passed away

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Tattoos in memory of a loved one

Remember, the design doesn't have to make sense or have meaning for anyone but you. Using them in a tat captures that message, as well as your loved one's spirit. Their Handwriting Our penmanship is as unique as we are, so inking a replica of someone's writing makes for a one-of-a-kind memento. Remembering a Pet With a Tattoo Sometimes, the loved one who dies is not a human at all, and the death of a beloved pet can be excruciatingly painful. Moon And Stars These celestial symbols often represent motherhood, creativity, or magic , so the meaning for you would depend on whom you're memorializing. Pet Pawprint Our pets leave indelible marks on our hearts, but you can also get a mark that's much more publicly visible. I think R. Lady Gaga chose a small heart tattoo take a close look at her upper shoulder to honor her father after he underwent successful heart surgery, reported Billboard. If there was a personal joke between you or a word or a song that was particularly meaningful in your relationship, consider it as part of the design. Lea Michele has the number 5 inked on her ribcage, revealed E! Winged Heart Tattoos One variation of the standard heart tattoo is the winged heart. I want a tattoo to convey my religious beliefs. Click thumbnail to view full-size Images courtesy of bmezine. Seeing their pictures or carrying mementos of them can be comforting, but for some, it's not enough; they want a more permanent way to keep close to their family or friends. Her father is still alive and well, but that didn't stop her from getting a piece of ink in honor of him. Tattoos in memory of a loved one

Tattoos in memory of a loved one

Tattoos in memory of a loved one

Tattoos in memory of a loved one

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