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Thick ones tumblr

It was a feed of hand-curated content, with about a dozen rotating editor positions assigned to prominent users by Tumblr staff. Tumblr has always held its data close, so this is speculative, but I'd estimate a majority of blogs on the network are defunct or close to it. Having a measurable following has been a source of encouragement, too, a constant reassurance to content creators like me that we aren't just shouting into the void. I personally maintain a single active blog while sitting on four inactive ones I have no intention of reviving or shuttering. It is, after all, rare for drugmakers to postpone promotion of branded drugs to the degree Gilead did with Truvada. However, he notes Gilead's resources would be useful in creating additional awareness. Einarsen expects more of a slow-burn embrace than a sudden boom in interest. In the early days, Tumblr worked a bit differently than it does now. External analytics indicate user growth , traffic , and creation of new posts are all way down. Being on the same page means you're in position, for any position. Well-intended functionality changes have made in-depth conversation and debate more difficult. Its layouts afford ample room for customization. But during that same time, Tumblr was also reportedly removing other posts featuring adult content , which some people believed to be a response to the App Store removal. Tumblr is often derided by non-users as a haven of pornographers and communist year-olds who believe they're actually elves or wolves or dragons or some such nonsense — and yes, there is a lot of both. Thick ones tumblr

Thick ones tumblr

Thick ones tumblr

Thick ones tumblr

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    For a while each tag had a weekly election of sorts where you'd solicit votes from your followers to move up in that week's rankings. It helped that I'm a libertarian:

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