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"Its My Body" (1985) starring Tracy Lords,Christy Canyon,Stacey Donovan & more

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Traci lords anal

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Traci lords anal

Traci lords anal

Traci lords anal

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    It''s nobody''s business. You did certain things, you said certain things, and you didn''t talk about certain things.

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    Jim Carrey''s character, a Hollywood screenwriter, gets blacklisted and takes refuge in a small town.

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    Don''t follow the rules; do whatever makes you happy. It''s okay to be different, and you should do what''s right for you. When war came, you went to fight if you were male and able.

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    The film sinks into predictability once discrimination against the "colored" people begins. These changes are not clearly good or clearly bad, but they do indicate a strong shift toward individualism.

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