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Tack Room - Fine Dining in Laredo, Texas!

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Tack room laredo

From the November issue Related Posts. It was pretty empty but the attendant didn't let us park on the 1st floor. One is called the Border Foundry; they make great pizzas, crab cakes, and craft cocktails. We have another drink called El Relax. The heat of the pepper really made the lime pop. Le Bernardin is a pretty big deal—Michelin 3-stars, celebrities in the dining room; why did you leave all that? Juan, USA Bed was perfectly comfortable. We make an infusion of chamomile and honey, then add tequila. Can you describe your culinary path? When I was in Chicago in the early s. Of course, the tequila relaxes you, too! How about vacation spots in Texas? We wanted to take flavors from Southern Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, even Spain, and mix them with a casual bar-food concept—nothing too fancy. And so I decided to change gears. Enjoyed the rooms very much and the staff was very accommodating to me--I drove a 29' RV with our pets and belongings and they allowed me to park right outside the door. Tack room laredo

Tack room laredo

Tack room laredo

Tack room laredo

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