Swimming on period with tampon Can You Go Swimming on Your Period? Facts, Options & Strategies

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Olympic Swimmer Reveals She's On Period During Live TV!!!

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Swimming on period with tampon

Research also shows that regular physical exercise can be effective in preventing premenstrual syndrome PMS. Can swimming make my cramps worse? Tampons or [a] menstrual cup is fine. Top it off with a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and hide redness. Yes, you can. Figure out what works best for you and get to it. Pads are absorbent, and the sticky part will likely fail if you wear it in the water, so I wouldn't wear one if you're actually going swimming. But feeling comfortable doing so and getting rid of any stigma or anxiety is a different story. If your flow is light, then you could also try wearing a dark coloured suit, as this will prevent staining. Your swim instructor, friends or family will absolutely understand. Am I going to get eaten by sharks? Swimming on period with tampon

Swimming on period with tampon

Swimming on period with tampon

Swimming on period with tampon

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  • Akinor says:

    No need to worry though — there are no reported incidents of a shark attacking someone who is menstruating, and there are plenty of divers who have entered the water on their period and made it out without being eaten by a shark. Getting into the water with a pad is a tad tricky when compared to using tampons or a menstrual cup.

  • Zulkitaur says:

    It is, therefore, more prudent to use tampons or menstrual cups.

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