Circumcized as adults experiences Late cuts: an international look at adult circumcision

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Circumcized as adults experiences

Although it's only day 9 after the operation and the stitches around 25 are still in and I am having difficulty walking without pain due to the sensitivity of the now-exposed glans bumping against my new silk boxer shorts and very baggy pants, I am feeling immensely better about myself, my marriage and the prospects of having a mutually satisfying sexual relationship with my wife. When I went home I was warned about any pain or bleeding and of course the possibility of nocturnal erections. This was the case whether or not ejaculation had recently occurred. In his case, I believe it was due more to a fat pad that he developed as a baby at about 2 months. A few questions I would like to pose to you if you don't mind: Hygiene is no longer an issue, the lack of foreskin keeps the penis clean at all times. I believe there are many sensitivity, sensations, functional and esthetic aspects to say nothing about what I have come to appreciate as deep psychological meanings to this state and would love to discuss them with you objectively -- if that is possible with this emotional laden topic. Needless to say this caused me considerable discomfort as a child and perhaps initiated my interest in this topic. He and the surgeon who performed the operation were amazed at the infection-free track record! Methods for circumcising adult men There are a range of techniques used for circumcising adult men, including the dorsal slit method and the sleeve method. If you want me to give more of my opinions, I'll be glad to add more. This question actually comes very late, as I have already been circumcised, and am presently recuperating, waiting for the stitches to dissolve themselves. Circumcized as adults experiences

Circumcized as adults experiences

Circumcized as adults experiences

Circumcized as adults experiences

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  • Fejinn says:

    Jews circumcise baby boys within eight days of birth or at puberty e. He said even though he could do something with the suture to correct it, instead he suggested I have a circumcision and explained to me the benefits. After all, it's a permanent body modification usually performed on a thing that can't really consent to the procedure.

  • Golabar says:

    Circumcision also has its staunch defenders. I cant believe how good it is now. Over the years I tried all manner of things to try and keep the skin retracted fully and to make uniform the color of the glans.

  • Mulrajas says:

    Nevertheless, I always liked the "look" of the circumcised penis. He died in , but he knew about the surgery, and was a little perplexed by it. He gave me that look of Why on Earth would you want to do that?

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