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Tamil phone conversation

It is important your tone conveys authority and confidence. On Monday, a labourer in Tamil Nadu's Tirunelveli district poured kerosene on himself and his wife and two children, and set them afire. Burdened by debt, the labourer Isaki Muthu had alleged harassment by a loan shark and police inaction. In the recordings, while one of them sounds polite and patient, asking Isaki Muthu to join for an inquiry following his complaint, another sounds insensitive and angry, even asking the labourer why should he live? Smile through the phone Keep a 'smile in your voice. Investigators claim the couple who are no more used the borrowed cash for lending at higher rates. Do not lean back in your chair when speaking on the telephone. Isaki Muthu: Greeting Just like a face to face conversation, the other party in the telephonic conversation expects you to open the conversation with a nice greeting. It is considered inappropriate and can also lead to miscommunication, always introduce yourself before getting into any conversation; telephonic or face to face -- that's the thumb rule! A hacker can call a direct dial number with voicemail, and then try to use the default password or guess it, or then select the "call back" function, and enter a premium rate number for the call back. Tamil phone conversation

Tamil phone conversation

Tamil phone conversation

Tamil phone conversation

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