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Ryan, to negate the abhorence of the population, portrayed the Little Sisters in a marketing gimmick, their image being used on Plasmid and Tonic vending machines called Gatherer's Gardens , and even produced toy dolls of them. The new girls developed a unique psychological bond with Eleanor Lamb, who could see through their eyes and even control them to a certain extent. She would also choose the chocolates kept In the Rakhi thali; in fact, Ranveer credits his sister for his getting a sweet tooth as she would buy him chocolates almost everyday when they were young. The first two videos contain the hidden messages "Father" and "Mommy". People may think they get to us by chance, but we have a different view. This bond proved to be too effective, however, as each Big Daddy in the Alpha Series became useless after his Little Sister was killed by attacking Splicers or saved by Brigid Tenenbaum. The sisters should understand, what the illness a person suffers from, and how they can cope with this illness. They still maintained many of the ordinary characteristics of small children: Some of them are unfaithful, while some of them were baptized but did not attend a church since childhood, let alone that in some families there are internal conflicts between the family members. The relatives are often on the verge of stress, as they do not know how to behave with an ill person. We did everything we could to help, however, the woman died from blood poisoning. But I always draw their attention to the fact that this is not just a job, but our ministry. I was given a new name - Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi - which I never use," he said. Helen attended the church in her childhood, but later she became an atheist and the leader of an atheist movement. Sister alone

Sister alone

Sister alone

Sister alone

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