How to put locs in a bun 40 Fabulous Funky Ways to Pull Off Faux Locs

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{Dreadlock Journey} Man bun/ messy bun dreadlock style for men

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How to put locs in a bun

Lessen your get ready time with this cute, quick, and easy look! Dreads with taper or skin fade lend themselves to tramlines around the base of the hair. Along with shaved back and sides, the tramlines really stand out. Prev1 of 60 Next. Long dreadlocks lead to full buns, twists, chignons, and ponytails. Here you have a different take on styling dreads, as these medium locks have been slightly curled to add extra texture. Find yourself a stylist that understands your hair type. You can easily pull your dreadlocks into a bun like this or a similar updo. Faux locs can also be worn for your everyday look. Remember, your natural hair has extensions on it which adds a little weight and if pulled tight can cause edges to strain. How to put locs in a bun

How to put locs in a bun

How to put locs in a bun

How to put locs in a bun

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    Locs with a Curl One word— queen. The goddess loc technique adds some softness to the style, making it a favorite among free spirits with casual style.

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    Faux Locs Bob In the mood for a sassy bob?

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