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Gay men in speedos videos

It was awful. Not realizing what he was in for, Alex walked in to change nonchalantly, only to have his jaw drop when he rounded the corner to find that beautiful teenage stud, wrapped in a towel, chatting with some friends. The more he thought about it though, the harder is penis got, and Alex had the incredible urge to touch himself. His heart beat furiously against his ribs as he tried to gather his cool and proceed with the pre-meet prep. He was so disturbed that he barely touched his dinner, and instead retired early to his room. None of this was working though, and again he thought of that beautiful, sleak, suntanned male god from the swimmeet. He yanked his pants and underwear down to his ankles and tossed them off the bed. He started to become more muscular, developed the characteristic pubic hair, and a fringe of hair under his arms It was all in innocent fun though, and when those days had passed, Alex rarely got off anymore. Although many of us would agree that the lockerroom can be an uncomfortable place - something about the forced sense of fraternity that it evokes, and all the pains of undressing around ones peers - for Alex, there was never anything strange about it. He sat upright in bed, thinking over his emotions. Gay men in speedos videos

Gay men in speedos videos

Gay men in speedos videos

Gay men in speedos videos

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    Naturally, he was petrified, and began thinking of ways to hide it. It was the boy from earlier that day!

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    Fortunately the boy went away, and as he calmed down the erection subsided. Of course after each day, Alex would come home and beat off intensely to reward himself for having stayed cool for yet another intense day of lockerrom lads.

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