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Lotion applicators for the back

The material for body member 12 should be substantially smooth and relatively soft in that it does not have any edges or protrusions that will scratch or otherwise undesirably rub the user and that it will be comfortable rubbing across or against the bare skin of the person utilizing applicator The body members are made from flexible and generally absorbent non-woven material suitable for receiving and retaining lotion, such as is used for baby wipes or face wipes. The Waggoner and Rhodes patents require the user to place the lotion directly on the head portion. To get around the requirement of having another person apply the lotion or cream, several applicator apparatuses have been developed to allow the individual wanting the lotion or cream to place the substance on his or her body by themselves. The pad may discolor or be stained by the chemicals in your lotions or by the dirt and oils from your skin. Do I need to replace it? Each package includes one 1 SunBuddy Lotion Applicator, two 2 washable soft pads, and one 1 storage pouch. The SunBuddy Lotion Applicator's extendable handle and degree opening makes it possible to reach practically all areas of your body. The lotion applicators can have a handle that is cut into the body members at each end such that it is integral to the body member. A disposable lotion applicator, comprising: Lotion applicators for the back

Lotion applicators for the back

Lotion applicators for the back

Lotion applicators for the back

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    Even if other persons are available, many people are uncomfortable with the intimacy of having another person rubbing lotion or cream on their body. We recommend that you wash the pad after each use and that you replace the pads more frequently to avoid the risk of re-infection.

  • Kanos says:

    If a person is at the beach or camping this could be very inconvenient or impossible. The disposable lotion applicator according to claim 9 , wherein said generally absorbent material is non-woven cloth. We recommend that you wash the pad after each use and that you replace the pads more frequently to avoid the risk of re-infection.

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    We aim to have all bakslap orders in the hands of our backers by late November To prolong the life of the pad, avoid heavy scrubbing of the pad's surface when washing it.

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    Yes, you can use the SunBuddy Lotion Applicator to help you apply ointment to your new tattoo. All of these devises are configured to be non-disposable devices. In one embodiment of the disposable lotion applicator [] 10 of the present invention, shown in FIGS.

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    However, this may not mean that the pad must be replaced. As set forth herein, the present invention resides in the novel features of form, construction, mode of operation and combination of parts presently described and understood by the claims.

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