I hate my body after pregnancy 27 Times Moms Got *Really* Real About Their Post-Baby Bodies

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How Pregnancy Ruined My Body

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I hate my body after pregnancy

These are the truths about my post-baby body. And although breastfeeding can cause some women to lose a bunch of weight quickly, it can result in others holding onto additional weight. You realize that women, and mothers, are constantly inundated with unrealistic cultural and social expectations around bodies. By remaining active, you maintain strength, fitness, and flexibility. Not only is the way your body looks irrevocably changed, but the way it works is too. By finding self love and continuing on the journey of having a healthy relationship with my body is crucial to me to ensure a body positive attitude is reflected on to my daughter. Then the hot one. My second pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds and had a rough time; I needed physical therapy because my hip joints were so loose. The talk about post-pregnancy beauty is relentless. My sister was the cute one, with her long blond hair, but I was the skinny one, and everyone reminded me of it. I also hate that my stomach developed this weird, crepe-y skin on the bottom. I hate my body after pregnancy

I hate my body after pregnancy

I hate my body after pregnancy

I hate my body after pregnancy

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    I exercised up until the seventh month and gained 28 pounds, 25 of which I lost through breast-feeding. I'm really proud of myself for so much. Other parts emerge more beautiful than they were before:

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    Share My family knew me as the skinny kid.

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    Lack of sleep and hydration is also common in postpartum moms, plus some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction. To all you amazing mums out there currently navigating dinner plates, weeing on the netball court or a having little accidents in your cottontails, please know you are not alone. But I would at least, if anything, give myself 10 minutes to stretch.

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