Levels of love psychology 8 Different Types of Love According to the Ancient Greeks

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Levels of love psychology

And this pertains to both the physical and emotional aspect of the relationship. There is no love at first sight to speak of. Infatuation love — Passion is the only component at work here. This does not make them reliable prospects for marriage, or any long-term relationship. Eros can prove to be a great motivator, inspiring an individual to do better — to become better — in order to satisfy his lover and keep her happy. This often leads to disillusionment on the part of the lovers, so they are unknowingly setting themselves up for huge disappointments, if something goes wrong in their relationship. Establish your awareness and set your criteria. These stages do not always happen in this particular order. Intimacy causes partners in a love relationship to have a strong bond connecting them. This results in a very strong and almost consuming need to be loved by his partner. Passion can be associated with either physical arousal or emotional stimulation. Traits and Quirks of Ludic Lovers Ludic lovers are predisposed to having multiple partners — often at the same time — that display a wide range of taste in partners. Unfortunately pragma is a type of love that is not easily found. He thinks that, by expressing extreme jealousy, he is proving his love for his partner and, if his partner displays jealous fits over him, then that is a sure sign that he is loved. The Triangle Theory of Love Sternberg came up with a triangular model where the three love components take the vertices of the triangle. Eros is a passionate and intense form of love that arouses romantic and sexual feelings. If the other partner fails to reciprocate with the same kind of mania love, many issues prevail. Levels of love psychology

Levels of love psychology

Levels of love psychology

Levels of love psychology

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