Stevie wonder i can only be me "I Can Only Be Me" Lyrics

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Stevie Wonder - I CAN ONLY BE ME (Unreleased)

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Stevie wonder i can only be me

Years later, Wonder and producer Hank Cosby would write an instrumental track, but Wonder couldn't come up with lyrics that did it justice. All the while, Wonder regularly toured. Much like his inspiration, Ray Charles , Wonder had a voracious appetite for many different kinds of music, and refused to confine himself to any one sound or style. He was shocked when he heard of King's death, and flew to Atlanta for the funeral. His range helped account for his broad-based appeal, but so did his unique, elastic voice, his peerless melodic facility, his gift for complex arrangements, and his taste for lovely, often sentimental ballads. Not only did Stevie write it, he sang background as well as a few solo lines. A Tribute to Uncle Ray, which featured covers of Wonder's hero Ray Charles , and The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie, an orchestral jazz album spotlighting his instrumental skills on piano, harmonica, and assorted percussion. The same song won him a Golden Globe. To counteract possible speculation that he'd gone off the deep end, Wonder rushed out the straightforward pop album Hotter Than July in He was blind and shy and only 11 years old, but he played the piano like nothing I had ever heard. Hank Cosby wrote the music and produced the instrumental track recording. And he had the pleasure of singing his Martin Luther King Jr. Stevie wonder i can only be me

Stevie wonder i can only be me

Stevie wonder i can only be me

Stevie wonder i can only be me

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    Nonetheless, it was clearly an ambitious attempt at making a unified album-length artistic statement, and served notice that Wonder was no longer content to release albums composed of hit singles and assorted filler. He kept busy in the meantime, though; in , his racial-harmony duet with Paul McCartney , "Ebony and Ivory," hit number one, and he released a greatest-hits set covering called Original Musiquarium I.

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    We gave it a listen and decided to cut it right then and there. For me, God was like a father. Not surprisingly, Songs in the Key of Life won a Grammy for Album of the Year; in hindsight, though, it marked the end of a remarkable explosion of creativity and of Wonder's artistic prime.

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    All the while, Wonder regularly toured. You may have noticed that he composed the entire soundtrack for the movie Jungle Fever which came out in

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