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Tamil college girls

In medieval period Tamilians emigrated as soldiers, traders and labourers settled in Kerala specially Palakkad , Karnataka, Maharashtra, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and intermixed well with local population, while few communities still maintain their language and culture. Many independent Tamil merchant guilds such as the Nagarathar also left for these areas in an age old tradition of their ancestors who had traded in these areas for the last 2, years. Main articles: Tamil Nadu was both politically and economically weak. An early emigrant group that is not well documented is the Tamil Muslims who emigrated in considerable numbers to the Sultanate of Malacca in present-day Malaysia and were instrumental in spreading Islam amongst the indigenous Malays. Although relatively recent in origin, this subgroup had well-established communities in these host countries prior to the pogroms. They established Burmese refugee colonies that still exist today and maintain an identity as Burmese returnees. Britishers thus made use of hungry Tamil workers for their plantations all over the world - Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Mauritius, South Africa , Fiji and also Sri Lanka distinct from the Tamils who migrated to Sri Lanka before 18th century. They too maintain a distinct identity as Ceylon returnees in Tamil Nadu. Roughly about 40, est descendants of these immigrants are still found in Medan. During this period British, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Danish colony administrators recruited a lot of local Tamilians and took them to their overseas colonies to work as laborers, petty administration officers, clerical and military duties. There is also a movement of native Sri Lankan Tamils to India; some migrated to do white-collar jobs during the British days, but there has been a much bigger diaspora today. Some of them got citizenship of respective countries but still having strong family and cultural ties with Tamil Nadu, than those who migrated before , who lost touch with their ancestral links in Tamil Nadu. Britain also hired many Sri Lankan Tamils as clerical and other white collar workers, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. Great Famine of — All these different streams have combined to create vibrant Tamil communities in these countries. Many were repatriated to the Nilgiris region's tea estates. Tamil college girls

Tamil college girls

Tamil college girls

Tamil college girls

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    A small group was hired by the Dutch colonial government in Dutch East Indies present-day Indonesia to work in Sumatra namely in Medan.

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