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Holdsworth frame dating

These had only been available on the Whirlwind during the previous year. Prior to this the head badge used most commonly was of pressed brass which was then enamelled in red and black. It was unclear whether they would go into general production. You just might get pretty close to the target. In all fairness, some might argue that early carbon fibre frame sets might qualify as vintage. Some of the enthusiasts should be able to date it for you. Tube set? Cyclone 'Gothic' spear extension with 'window' - used late Right: They employed frame builders and designers with the quality of Bill Rann, Bill Hurlow and Chas Roberts to name but a few so the quality was assured, we should not undervalue them. These had only been available on the Whirlwind during the previous year. It can be worthy of note however that as sometimes very thick layers of paint can make the main frame number difficult to read —the steerer tube number is the only reliable evidence! The point is, observe what you can, if you can, then do a search and compare. Holdsworth frame dating

Holdsworth frame dating

Holdsworth frame dating

Holdsworth frame dating

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    Without this, the frames can be identified usually, by the lugs. Pre Clauds may also have a builder code stamped with the steerer tube number, this is not stamped on the frame. Braze-on style, and even location, tended to change over the years.

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    The predictions shown are based on the usage of Factory issued numbers and steady production of frames per year up to and frames per year from when the shop had its own system. Close-up of 'new' Nervex lugs showing added spear with window. Holdsworth signed all their models putting a small transfer ether side of the top tube, towards the front near the head lugs.

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