Top cities to visit in japan Japan’s Best Destinations: Tokyo, Kyoto & Beyond

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Top cities to visit in japan

Surprisingly, Japan can be less expensive to visit than many other major destinations. Keep reading to find the perfect city for your Japan adventure! Whether it is strolling around its cavernous shopping malls or exploring the different neighborhoods — each with its own vibe and identity — it would take a lifetime to see all that Tokyo has to offer. To avoid an awkward moment, bring a spare pair of socks—many Japanese lodgings in Japan require guests to leave shoes at the door. Close to Osaka, the prefecture is also home to the city of Kobe. Lying on a lovely bay, it is a cosmopolitan destination, as evidenced by its large foreign community, wealth of different architectural styles, and delicious cuisine from around the world. Additional Resources We hope our list helps you decide where to visit! Magome is a charming post town easily reached from Nagoya, and the perfect starting or end point for the walk. Make a game plan with a personalized map of the best watering holes in Osaka—no one wants to wait in line on a night out! To each their own! A ferry also connects Takamatsu to Naoshima. Budgeting for Osaka Pro tip: In fact, Kanazawa rivals Kyoto in the number of historical and cultural attractions that it has on show. Nara Recommended to Travelers Who Like: Today, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture continues to cultivate the arts and contains an attractive old town. Top cities to visit in japan

Top cities to visit in japan

Top cities to visit in japan

Top cities to visit in japan

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    Kyoto Kyoto could not be more different than Tokyo, but is equally enthralling. Tokyo Where to Stay Travelers who like to mingle with people will love Tokyo.

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    Tokyo Recommended to Travelers Who Like: Even if you have not heard of Miyajima, chances are you have seen photos of the iconic shrine:

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    Just walking the streets of this hyperactive city can be an energizing experience.

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    Naoshima One of the best places in Japan for art lovers, the art island of Naoshima is home to a large collection of contemporary art museums, galleries, exhibits and installations. Lying on the banks of the river running through it, there are some lovely temples dotted around the city and its surroundings.

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