Electric hot comb for natural hair What’s Better for Your Hair? Flat Iron vs. Hot Comb

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Review: Andis 38300 High Heat Press Comb

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Electric hot comb for natural hair

Yes, an electric hot comb is designed for any hair type, even very thick, hair. It promises instant heat upon contact with hair and takes just 60 seconds to reach temperature. Only use the right temperature for your hair type. Not knowing what to look for or the best way to use it to get my roots super-straight made styling my hair difficult. The teeth are 24 carat gold plated and conduct heat very well, which means no hot spots and better protection for your hair. They have wider teeth, so they glide through hair effortlessly without snagging or pulling. Since I began my hair transition three years ago, I found myself relying more and more on my flat iron. A heat protectant will only moisturize but for so long. There are actually 20 to choose from! This is a great electric comb, from trusted hair tool manufacturers. Use a heat protectant. Then, style your hair from the root. This is a more economical option and represents an older style. As I am learning to embrace and celebrate my natural hair in all its coil-y glory, I still like to wear my hair in a sleek, straight bob every now and then. Electric hot comb for natural hair

Electric hot comb for natural hair

Electric hot comb for natural hair

Electric hot comb for natural hair

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    According to Johnny Wright, SoftSheen-Carson artistic style director and celebrity stylist, the best flat irons are titanium-plated with variable heat settings. Hot Comb and Flat Iron. Use a moisturizer.

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