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► Why QuickMatch causes problems in HeroLeague - Heroes of the Storm

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Heroes of the storm quick match matchmaking

Even the fact that ranked matches require a player to be level 5 on a character first helps to validate this data further, and of course seeing pick and ban rates, is useful data in itself. For example, when a player is eligible for matches in different queues, what happens? Our aim with this is to make those games not count against you anymore, so you are not punished for having to complete a game in that situation, which should lessen the negativity felt for it you still had to play it, which is a tough situation, but the result of that has been negated, and the leaver suitably punished. This includes Nova , Samuro , Valeera , and Zeratul. Unless I'm misunderstanding, your comment is saying it currently does not put together games based off MMR? However, there is still a maximum cutoff of 15 minutes before the matchmaker makes the best possible match it can. Here's a quick list of some of the changes we're considering for the future: This could mean the mode is only available on weekends, or something rarer like specific weeks out of a month block, or a handful of times throughout an entire ladder season. If players cannot tell they're wrong, and why, it's naive to ask of them to make any efforts to improve. We are still working on steps to roll this out in a way that is as organic as possible. So if a player quit playing say Having an AI team mate is a significant disadvantage. And they actually updated the Specialist description to something more or less like "Masters of unconventional warfare. Speaking of which - we're always looking to hire talented Server Engineers to join the Heroes team and help support matchmaking as well as other feature development. Heroes of the storm quick match matchmaking

Heroes of the storm quick match matchmaking

Heroes of the storm quick match matchmaking

Heroes of the storm quick match matchmaking

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    With a change as complex as this we would have to verify that all game modes observed a net positive in terms of quality of games as well as queue times.

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    All those guidelines can however effect queue times, so they can be bend by the system.

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