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Death wish 2 maid

Some of the stuff works. Better than original arguably the best masterpiece sequel of all time! The movie gets it all right. She jumps from a window, becoming impaled on a railing. It is my third favorite "Death Wish" film in the series I always enjoy it. This sequel in my opinion is better than the original because it has more action and it is styled on a revenge. Death Wish 2 ushered the franchise into the s, with all the negativity that might imply. Are the actors trying to be funny? He tells Paul to kill Nirvana for him, then Lt. The cop stuff does help to layer in some anti-CIA paranoia, which would eventually become a staple of most of Steven Seagal's movies. No CGI or shaky cam, real actions, real guns and automatic weapons all made for real. The original Death Wish, released in and based on a novel by Brian Garfield, affording it some degree of legitimacy , is more of a '70s-style crime film than it is an action movie -- the logical progression of Dirty Harry, taking the guns out of the hands of the police and placing them in the hands of ordinary, angry citizens. It doesn't really match the tone of what promises to be a sleazy exploitation action movie, right? Watching SPOILER Laurence Fishburne get shot in the face through a boom box, no less, because it was the early '80s and this was our understanding of black culture is great and all until we remember the horror he was party to. He goes to the same location to exact his own justice on Nirvana before the police can arrest him but he is not successful. Mankewicz asks for help identifying the muggers. Death wish 2 maid

Death wish 2 maid

Death wish 2 maid

Death wish 2 maid

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    It was brilliantly directed by Michael Winner who once again teamed up with Charles Bronson.

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