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Father son gay tumblr

I stood and waited in silence. Being rude or naughty all the time. His skin glistening with sweat and patches of oil and dirt remnants. And the button up shirt and khakis. I wanted to forget my entire life and just be a slave for cock. I looked up. He quickly climbed up onto the table with me and began kissing me deeply as he pounded my hole in the missionary position. Have you ever wondered how is like for a gay father to live in the same house with their stepsons? And out of nowhere it seemed, he had a tub of Vaseline in his hand and began smothering my hole and his cock with it. Occasionally lingering on my plump wet lips, tempting me to stick out my tongue. It was not long before I received a strange email from my boss. I was impaling myself more and more on my fathers hot, monster cock. And to my great shock, my father started licking my balls, grabbed my cock, pulled it back between my legs, and then began to suck it. And much more affectionate than you would expect from a big, strong, Afro-Venezuelan mechanic. There was a twinge of pain with each deep stroke, but the pleasure was all too worth it. Father son gay tumblr

Father son gay tumblr

Father son gay tumblr

Father son gay tumblr

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