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Free crotch pics

Jock itch Infections are another common culprit for genital rashes. A white substance may discharge from the vagina or build up around the head of the penis. Causes There are many causes for genital rashes, some more concerning than others. Molluscum contagiosum Image credit: This is because sugar from urine can collect under the foreskin, causing bacteria to breed. A baby's diaper provides the ideal warm, damp environment that the fungus thrives in. Scabies is the name of the rash caused by tiny skin mites. Most people find that they can identify the cause quickly, with the help of a doctor, and can take action to treat it. The rash may be accompanied by symptoms of fever , fatigue , and swollen lymph nodes. These mites burrow into the skin, causing a rash and intense itching. Free crotch pics

Free crotch pics

Free crotch pics

Free crotch pics

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    They are caused by contact with the lesion of an infected person or by touching a contaminated object, such as a towel or toy.

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    As well as yeast infection, balanitis can be caused by poor hygiene, overuse of antibiotics, or an impaired immune system. Syphilis Although it is a bacterial infection, syphilis is actually spread through sexual contact.

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    The rash may be accompanied by symptoms of fever , fatigue , and swollen lymph nodes.

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