What to have in your tackle box 18 Strange But Useful Items to Keep in your Tackle Box

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Five Baits That Everyone Should Have in Their Tackle Box!

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What to have in your tackle box

Besides fishing lures, hooks, and poles of course. Fish with teeth may require steel liters. And there you have it. Instead of throwing out an old hook, try opting for a hook file, which is used to sharpen old hooks. Tweet on Twitter The amount of people fishing has risen drastically over the years, with millions of taking on the sport annually. They allow you to look into the water and see beneath the surface, which in turn allows you to fish more effectively. Without a high quality set of needlenose pliers, it is much more difficult to remove the hook from the lip of your fish. If you only anticipate catching bass, a three foot tape should be fine. In order to be a successful fisherman, one should also dress for the part. M2 will have you ready to face anything from a hook cut to a broken arm. In terms of quality, Piscifun created their grabber out of stainless steel. Conclusion With just a little bit of foresight, you can ensure that you never forget another important item when you go fishing. However, if you come unprepared, your stay may be cut short to keep your early catch fresh and safe for the dinner table. If you need new line in for up to pound fish, look no further! With such a wide selection for such a wide variety of mishaps, you will have nothing to fear from your trip! Use this post as a list of sorts. What to have in your tackle box

What to have in your tackle box

What to have in your tackle box

What to have in your tackle box

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    Not only that, but they are made from aluminum that boasts long-term, anti-corrosion properties. Although by now you should have a first aid kit hint, hint!

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    Keeping one on board is a good way to avoid having to use that first aid kit. This kit weighs in at 1.

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    Nail Clippers Believe it or not, a nail clipper can cut line safer and easier than most knives. You can give your nightcrawler a shot of air to make it float, as well as vent or fizz any fish you catch in deep water.

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    I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about a huge fish breaking the surface, thrashing furiously in an attempt to throw the hook. Fish with teeth may require steel liters. For this list of strange-but-useful things to keep in your tackle box or boat, we talked to several avid anglers to see what other sorts of things they never leave the dock without.

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    Need one? Chances are, at some point in the day, you will be basking in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. A complete list of whacky, but oh-so-useful items to keep in your tackle box or boat during your next fishing trip.

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