Am i bi or lesbian Am I straight, bisexual or lesbian?

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Am i bi or lesbian

It allows for change and fluidity in individuals' sexuality, and the researchers were aware that sexuality is not fixed or static from birth to death. If you fall for a guy and then if you fall for a girl, then you are bisexual. If you feel as if you love women, then you may be a lesbian.. Some say they're bisexual when they are too afraid to come out while others are actually bisexual. They are aimed at lesbian women with "refined tastes who want to dance until dawn, and meet like-minded females in a non-pretentious environment". If you identify as female and you feel sexual attraction only toward other female-identifying people, then lesbian might be the right label for you. No two people go down the same path. Others can try to label you, but ultimately, you have to live with yourself and you get to decide how to identify. It's a few questions about you, that in which however way you answer them, will reveal in the end if your as straight as the horizon, as in-between as bisexual or just got eyes for the girls. I love who I love and that's it. So, if you want to identify as a lesbian, you can. But that's just how I see it. Am i bi or lesbian

Am i bi or lesbian

Am i bi or lesbian

Am i bi or lesbian

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  • Zolojinn says:

    We are more than just labels. Alfred Kinsey, a famous sex researcher found that there are not really three sexual orientations gay, bisexual, straight , but rather there is a scale where people fall somewhere along a continuum.

  • Kajigami says:

    The scale is a method of self-evaluation based on one's individual experience, and the number on the scale can shift as one's sexuality develops. End of story. But that's just how I see it.

  • Kar says:

    In fact, our small numbers just might represent the fact that as a group, bisexual people are often especially stigmatized. Answering some simple questions may help:

  • Gojora says:

    You can ask yourself about any past relationships and experiences. Can I watch? Assuming you're labeling to explain to those you may want to date how you identify, you could simply say "I'm into girls" and leave out the part about guys if you're not actively seeing any.

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