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Sexy lesbian pole dance

Next chapter: The tips of her fingers brush the tips of her nipples which stand erect at her touch. It's an emotional and unreasonable thought. No tasting. There was some deniability too since I brought it up to him as some 'research' that I was doing. Still grasping the pole with her right hand, her left struggles to get loose from her tangled hair, hungry to explore the rest of her body. Her legs splay open to reveal the red sliver of her thong. I have secretly regained my composure so I vacate my chair and make my own way to the dance floor. Her body moves to the rhythmic beat of the music slowly, sensually, creating a tension palpable in the room. Lithely pulling her way up towards me, she draws me helpless into her web. I remind myself to relax into the chair -- unsuccessfully trying to control my breath. She decides to move her hand away and rests it on the of inside her creamy thigh before moving on. Sexy lesbian pole dance

Sexy lesbian pole dance

Sexy lesbian pole dance

Sexy lesbian pole dance

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    I used to feel this way when I first started coming here, but I've been a regular for over a year now and I wonder why I'm so nervous. She stands in her shadow waiting for the music to prompt her out. Crotch facing me.

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