How to give a body massage How To Give an Amazing Massage

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How to Give a Full Body Massage for Relaxing, Step by Step Guide

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How to give a body massage

If you're looking to unlock your partner's inner sex demon and get them in a headspace for sex, you might want to learn how to give a fabulous massage. You can always up the pressure as you go just ask them how it's feeling first , but a great massage is a little like a great meal: Never pour or squirt massage oil directly onto your partner as it can be a jolting experience. Warm water relaxes and softens muscle tissue, making the massage even more pleasurable for your partner and easier on your hands, as well. Gently massage them with fingers. Use supportive pillows. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at GigiEngle. Consistency can help alleviate stored tension in the muscles. Think of when you're stretching, the shoulders are always a hard group of muscles to relax. Have your partner lie on his or her stomach first and use light, even pressure. The whole process should take about 45 minutes, which will build up sexual tension; by the time you get to the main event, your partner should be warmed up and rarin' to go. Dim the lights. The secret to a great massage is lubrication, so keep the bottle handy if you need to reapply. Gently massage the face by using your finger tips to light draw tension away from the center of the face near the nose to the hairline. You can also try this tried-and-true massage therapist trick: Work with the feet last to avoid spreading bacteria to the rest of the body. How to give a body massage

How to give a body massage

How to give a body massage

How to give a body massage

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