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Men in tight pants tumblr

Not what they want really at all. For Tumblr user celestial-rising, it was more of a want for there to be more sizes overall to ensure a better fit. After years of the swinging trend pendulum between baggy cargo pants and skinny jeans, there are plenty of men who just seem to want pants that fit right. Or are materials that don't itch and a roomy crotch pretty much the most important things? And there are some functional adjustments some men would like. Well, besides this one. Oh, and the runways were pretty obsessed with oversized clothing this time around so We need T-Pain on the case immediately. To answer that question, Mic reached out to readers via Tumblr and Google Forms and asked them to answer the question, "If men's clothes were designed for what guys really need, what would they look like? As far as we know, no designer at Fashion Week has addressed this pressing need, but they should! Would pink be back en vogue? Men in tight pants tumblr

Men in tight pants tumblr

Men in tight pants tumblr

Men in tight pants tumblr

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  • Voodoole says:

    Well, besides this one. Are they trying to give me an eating disorder?

  • Vozuru says:

    Welcome to many women's hell, boys. There's a difference between a well-cut, nice-fitting, sharp, respectable suit, and looking like you decided to say 'fuck it' and pass off the same tiny suit you wore at your bar mitzvah as fashionable. Tumblr user everyonesalemon chimed in with a butt-centric need, asking for "jeans that are stretchy enough to move around in, and don't rip at the crotch.

  • Faell says:

    Men also really care about their butts being comfortable.

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