What cream to put on new tattoos 8 things you need to know about taking care of a new tattoo

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What cream to put on new tattoos

While safe for all skin types, some reviewers claimed it causes a sting when used on fresh tattoos, though the pain is temporary. Poor care can mean infections, flaking, or fading: Nourishes skin: As well as nutrients, these tattoo aftercare products are designed to ensure that they cause as little irritation to the sensitive area of skin as possible. Learn to maintain tattoo vibrancy leaving no designs untouched. When applying lotion, apply a thin layer throughout the day. This means that they can be great to use on a tattoo during the initial and most important healing phases. You'll need two key lotions for a beautiful, healed tattoo. Each tattoo artist may give you slightly different after-care guidelines. Other, more specialized products such as aquaphor and neosprin can also be used on a tattoo. What cream to put on new tattoos

What cream to put on new tattoos

What cream to put on new tattoos

What cream to put on new tattoos

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    Mar 7, Getty Images Finally, the design you've had in your head for months has now become a reality, and your skin is sporting a cool new tattoo.

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    Got A New Tattoo?

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    Most popular skincare brands sell products for sensitive skin that clearly state on the labeling that they color and scent free. The cream also comes part of a three-step tattoo aftercare kit with antibacterial soap and moisturizer included. Relieves irritation:

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