Is jadis in the walking dead comics ‘Walking Dead': Everything We Know About Jadis and the Helicopter

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Jadis A & B Reference Explained - Its The Commonwealth

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Is jadis in the walking dead comics

She reports to the landing helicopter that she has a "B" and he needs their help. November 4, 8: In the episode " The Obliged ", she prepares to feed Gabriel to a walker but cannot come to do it, but she still tells the man on the other end of the walkie-talkie that she has his "A". While she is out of sight, he is able to access her suitcase, containing a gun and pictures from her past, convincing her to talk lest he destroy them with a flare. Did you take them? She would kidnap people, marking them as a "A" or "B" and deliver them to the helicopter to be taken to an unknown location and to an unknown fate. For the heavy loss of lives that have occurred, Rick constantly blames himself. This helicopter reappears again in last week's episode, spotted by Jadis - now going by her real name, Anne - when she's on watch. He lost his wife and daughter during the fall of the prison. Faithful viewers have followed his incredible journey from waking up out of a coma in Atlanta to his current struggles with building a new world in Alexandria. Is jadis in the walking dead comics

Is jadis in the walking dead comics

Is jadis in the walking dead comics

Is jadis in the walking dead comics

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    Two years later, he is still leading the Safe-Zone and dating Andrea. In retaliation, Simon orders the Scavengers massacred.

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