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Munchkin cat for sale colorado

They are guaranteed to be disease- free upon receipt and come with a one year genetic health guarantee. This documents the good bloodlines and beauty I am proud to have in my cattery. They will be de- wormed, receive an extensive eye and ear exam, and be given a clean bill of health before he or she goes home with you. We only sell our kittens for breeding to programs that we approve. A British veterinary report in noted four generations of healthy short-legged cats which were similar to normal cats except for the length of the legs. If we learn that you are breeding a cat from us that has not been altered because you wish to show it in championship class and we have not approved you for breeding our cat, we will file a formal complaint with TICA and pursue disciplinary action. You can see a copy of it here. Due to the stress that shipping in cargo causes to a kitten, we will not allow that option. No breeder can guarantee show results in their cats, and you should be very wary of anyone who does. Our selling contract will specifically state what rights are being sold with the kitten. Please review our contract before you make a decision on purchasing a cat from Tiny Lions Napoleons. Our cats and kittens are raised with lots of love and spoiled rotten. And one for a lilac, Whiskey I am pleased to offer the same quality munchkin kittens and napoleon kittens this coming season. Browse through our site to see our breeders, kittens or cats that we have available, some of our kittens in their new home and of course, our policies. The short-haired variety has a medium-plush coat while the long-haired has a semi-long silky coat. Munchkin cat for sale colorado

Munchkin cat for sale colorado

Munchkin cat for sale colorado

Munchkin cat for sale colorado

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    Be sure to indicate if you are interested in a show or breeder cat.

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    You may either pick up your kitten in person or have someone else do it for you. One veteran show judge resigned in protest, calling the breed an affront to breeders with ethics.

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    Disclaimer required by TICA for the use of their logo: Funds for the cost of a kitten and shipping home must clear before the purchase is completed.

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    At your request, we will provide the result to you for your own interest. Shipping Information Taking your kitten home is another matter to consider.

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