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Nun theory

Is the Nub theory accurate? Ovaries are fully formed by gestation week Everyone knows you can't tell the baby's sex at the 12 week or there abouts dating scan. The Nub theory has been studied by many medical researchers who during their study used live images from the ultrasound examination and thus clarification of other factors are much clearer than what a still image can offer. Early gender determination by ultrasound If you've been told it's too early to find out baby's gender at a first trimester ultrasound, take a look a the nub theory: In early pregnancy, both boys and girls have a genital tubercle which will later become a boy's penis or a girl's clitoris. The following image is a perfect boy nub shot at 14 weeks gestation. Does the Shape of the Nub matter? Ultrasound scans between weeks with a profile view can be analysed by the angle and shape of the nub. Efrat, Z. Nun theory

Nun theory

Nun theory

Nun theory

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