7 things to do before im 30 30 mind-expanding life experiences you should get done before you turn 30

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7 things to do before im 30

There are a variety of challenges you can explore: A time to explore the world, to take some calculated risks, and test your limits. Why not take advantage of all the free books at your local library? As I was formulating my answer, it got me thinking about how important your 20s are. Challenge yourself physically Your physical body is an amazing organism. Develop a love of reading The typical American reads an average of only 19 minutes per day. There are so many amazing things to see in our world: It can be fiction or non-fiction, hard copy or electronic. Whenever you get a chance to travel, take it. Retirement accounts are perfect vehicles for this, because they automatically invest your money at the same time each pay period. No matter how privileged your life might be, you will find yourself under stress. Live in a Cosmopolitan City I highly recommend living in a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population. Just like living in a diverse city, traveling will expose you to other cultures, types of food, belief systems, and ways of life. 7 things to do before im 30

7 things to do before im 30

7 things to do before im 30

7 things to do before im 30

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    Challenge yourself physically Your physical body is an amazing organism. I would also recommend finding one or two exercises that you actually enjoy doing, so you can develop a lifelong habit of physical fitness.

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