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Philips BodyGroom BG2024/15 Review (INDIA)

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Best male body hair trimmer

They all have the ability to turn sasquatch into a squeaky clean sex machine. The foil is designed to catch loose hairs easily, the blades are self-sharpening, and the entire groomer is hypoallergenic. Extra-long handle allows you to shave your entire back Two heads to work with different lengths of hair Charging lights let you know when trimmer is ready Cons: Comes with eight different accessories Offers more torque for superior trim Five-minute quick charge Trimming beard without attachments can pull hard and hurt 5. These precision attachments include trimmer blades used for facial hairs, the Precision detailer for trimming brows, hair removers for the nose and ears, dual shaver for the body as well as the face and head and a clipper blade. This is probably one of the finer body trimmers I used, as the flexible head makes it easier to trim hard-to-reach and sensitive places such as the armpits. Philips Multigroom How we tested One of the first things we looked at with these units was blade sharpness. It also comes with a handy pouch for storing everything, oil for the blade and a charging station. So sit back, kick up your feet and read on. Chances are you are not going to want to try to trim up there with the same thing you trim your balls with. Best male body hair trimmer

Best male body hair trimmer

Best male body hair trimmer

Best male body hair trimmer

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