How to meet other christians Where Are All The Christian Singles At?

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How to Meet Christian Single Men and Women: 3 Common Places Christian Singles Meet Their Spouses

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How to meet other christians

I get that question a lot from my readers at TrueLoveDates. Are you ready for something new in your relationship status? Click the photo below to get your tickets, or visit the Event Facebook Page. And then take a step outside of your traditional box — meet some new people, make some new friends…and take some steps toward God and community. It might not be in our time. This is why being a part of the same church community is a very common place for groups of friends to form. And the second you let go of your standards, you allow yourself to settle for unhealthy relationships. Volunteering is a great way to make a real difference in your community AND also meet some really awesome people! My new book, Choosing Marriage, comes out in 2 short weeks!! Because I believe in a God that is bigger than the lies. Starting with the most obvious place…. Within minutes, you can be chatting to people you might never otherwise encounter, even if you live down the road from them. Invite them to do something fun. Or arrange one — sort out drinks, nibbles and some light music, and invite other local congregations. Our churches are often isolated little islands, and more fellowship between congregations would be healthy for everyone, not just singles. And it makes sense, because usually, these are the people that know you the best. It might not be in our way. How to meet other christians

How to meet other christians

How to meet other christians

How to meet other christians

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    It might not be in our time. I believe in a God who calls us to ask Him, to trust Him, and to believe that what He has for us is greater than we could ever ask or imagine.

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    Invite them to do something fun. You could even arrange some kind of fun event where lots of women can bring their friends and all get to know each other. Some are specifically for singles, while others are open to anyone, and they meet for pub lunches, walks, barbecues and outings.

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