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Movie consenting adults review

It's cleverly done and has a plot that plays on attraction between "consenting adults". Too bad in providing the answers the filmmakers, unlike the murderer, end up with such a low batting average. He doesn't get far with Priscilla, who reveals that she has never been unfaithful to Richard "I guess I'm kind of old-fashioned that way". Kevin Spacey Kay Otis Forest Whitaker George Gordon A distraught Richard finally finds a ray of hope when he discovers that Kay is alive, recognizing her voice singing in a radio talent show. Running time: Priscilla discovers a forgotten plane ticket Eddy used on the night of the second murder. Richard's fingerprints are on the bat the two couples having played a friendly game of softball earlier that day and his semen is found in her body, so he is charged with the crime. Plot[ edit ] Composer Richard Parker and his wife Priscilla live an ordinary suburban life until they meet their new neighbors Eddy and Kay Otis. Kimberly McCullough. Consenting Adults Thriller--Color Production: To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Pakula, David Permut. But he piques Richard's interest when he asks whether the Parkers ever make love in the middle of the night when they're half-asleep, and wonders what would happen if Eddy and Richard surreptitiously changed places some evening. Movie consenting adults review

Movie consenting adults review

Movie consenting adults review

Movie consenting adults review

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