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Chinese action movies 2014

The whole thing is shot in a very gauzy style with cold colors and odd, unnatural lighting that makes it feel like an especially vivid nightmare. Is that a kung fu-fighting guy in a gorilla suit? Journey to the West: Soon, swords are levitating, exorcisms are happening, and a hapless executive just trying to have a nice round of golf finds himself hunted by bloodthirsty golf ninjas. Bob Radler A hilariously sincere American cheese-fest, Best of the Best is essentially Cool Runnings, except the stakes are a life-and-death martial arts tournament against that evil foreign superpower we all love so much: As one would expect, it has some great fights, but nobody has quite the same presence on camera as Lee. The Transporter Year: With James Earl Jones as the coach who yells stuff! Lam Nai-choi Adapted from a Japanese manga and one of the few films on this list that should definitely not be watched in its original language, Riki-Oh. When she commits suicide in an attempt to end the fighting and keep everyone safe, they end up in an epic, knock-down, drag-out kung fu battle that ends with a rather spectacular finishing move—a pro wrestling-style giant swing. Chinese action movies 2014

Chinese action movies 2014

Chinese action movies 2014

Chinese action movies 2014

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    Kurt Wimmer In Equilibrium, Taye Diggs plays a future fascist law enforcement officer named Brandt, and near the climax of the film, Brandt gets his face cut off. Its martial arts sequences, story, direction, musical score and cinematography are widely recognized. Where the original film exposed the world to a rapid-fire form of Indonesian martial arts called Pencak silat, The Raid 2 made that style of fighting the only key to survival in a society on the verge of total nihilism.

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    Oh, and you can repel them by holding your breath. Undisputed 3 Year: Legendary Weapons of China Year:

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    Sword Stained With Royal Blood is one of their minor classics, but displays many of the classic trademarks, with beautifully choreographed action sequences, wonderful athleticism and a mix of different physical styles.

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    A breathless mess of steampunk, underground comics, slapstick, farce, historical romance, and top hats, all duct-taped to a restless skeleton of fantasy cinema, Tai Chi Zero has its precisely placed thumbs in pretty much every proverbial pie. On the positive side, it gave us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And can we do away with the dubbing?

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