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Sexy leather knee high motorcycle boots

Made of imported and fine leather, these boots offer the perfect combination of comfort and style. There are also two adjustable straps for a unique detail and a padded footbed for your comfort. It is crafted from the finest imported leather and man-made sole, and the shaft has a measurement of 17 inches from the arch. As for the heels, these measure about 3. If you haven't already secured a pair, it's high time you browse the over-the-knee boots available to shop for your cold weather fashion collection. It comes with leather uppers and man-made sole for optimum durability and style in one product. Synthetic leather is the answer to many vegan prayers. Madden Girl Elsiee Boots Elsiee lets you enjoy the comfort of a casual boot while looking like you just walked off the catwalk. Heels reveal a woman's femininity, and present a first and lasting impression of who she is to the world. Shaft is about 15 inches from arch, this boot has a 1-inch heel to keep you comfortable with every step. However, presenting a playful, kinda flirty appearance can hurt your chances for success because when worn at work, you are not taken seriously. The side zipper and calf buckle help to ensure the perfect fit. It says, she cares enough about herself to put her best forward each and every day from dressing up to showing up. Sexy leather knee high motorcycle boots

Sexy leather knee high motorcycle boots

Sexy leather knee high motorcycle boots

Sexy leather knee high motorcycle boots

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    Find out more about each of these featured products as you read along. This knee-high boot even comes with an elastic soft inset at the back to give you the right fit. There is a time and place for sexy, flirty high heels and we love them here at Bad Ass Shoes, but we also are smart women who know what it takes to be taken seriously within the workplace.

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    Everything about this brand exudes sophistication and elegance with a hint of quirky vibe.

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