What does hey mean in texting Texts, Decoded: The Difference Between Hi, Hello, and Heyyyyy

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The difference between "hey" and "heyyy"

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What does hey mean in texting

This can mean a labyrinth, and it all depends on the amount of games and tricks that you have stored in your memory bank. That's a bad sign, friend. Keep scrolling to see what everything from a simple "hi" or "good morning," to being left on "read" actually means. And the same is true when they start turning to you when they're upset. You just have to know what to look for, and how to read between the lines. Yes, the smiley faces. Left on Read Being left on read by someone is the most frustrating, nerve-racking situation textual situation. This is her screaming from the top of her lungs that she needs a plumber to come and lay some pipe down. But there are definitely a few texting habits people who have a crush on someone tend to have in common. What your friend means: And if you're receiving "goodnight" texts, well Maybe they got distracted and couldn't respond, or the conversation hit a wall. Sasoon says these early morning and late-night texts are also a sign they're thinking of you during more intimate times of the day like while they're relaxing in bed , and that's always a good sign. What does hey mean in texting

What does hey mean in texting

What does hey mean in texting

What does hey mean in texting

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  • Marn says:

    Nothing to see here. It may seem so simple and cheesy, but a simple "good night" or "good morning" text goes a long way. Keep scrolling to see what everything from a simple "hi" or "good morning," to being left on "read" actually means.

  • Yorg says:

    Yes, the smiley faces. If they're starting to show signs of caring about your well-being, that's definitely a sign they're becoming invested.

  • Zulugal says:

    Some are good, some are bad, some are just flat out genius; to me at least. I'm your quirky friend who ends words with z's ironically.

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