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Wallows - "Pictures of Girls" (Acoustic) - Live at Atlantic Studios

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When girls play pictures

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When girls play pictures

When girls play pictures

When girls play pictures

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    Personally, I think the quality of the imagery is far more important than how it's presented. Not bad for a site that's less than 4 months old. In fact, the embedded player alone gives you four choices for streaming:

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    They also seem to have the advantage of a lot of fancy sets that, thankfully, always seem to be extremely well lit.

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    Low, Medium, High, and HD. There's also a link for previews of upcoming content and links to other sites where members can get discount rates.

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    Not only are these pictures well shot, they also come in resolutions as high as x pixels, with a slew of other, lower-res at the users disposal, too. This give her no room to ever be angry, sad or otherwise not fulfill the expectations she feels everyone has about her.

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