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In Episode 4 , he talks to Sanae on the phone, she tells him about what happened the moment she asked her brother about the curse, but while they are still conversing, he hears the sound of the elevator, which Sanae got on, crash, resulting in the nurse's death. The extra student is Misaki Yomiyama. The class eventually tried strengthening the charm by disavowing Kouichi as well. They are also the only ones able to see her in the photo they took outside of the inn. Mei and Kouichi In Episode 12 , Kouichi and a few other survivors run out of the burning building. She is later seen on the school roof sketching. Manga Kouichi In Episode 3 , he witnesses the death of Yukari after seeing her being quite shocked of his presence causing her to fall down the stairs and her throat being impaled by an umbrella. Kouichi also has a rather cold side to his personality; when Izumi ends up fatally wounded by the Curse and asks him if he remembers the first time they met, he tells her honestly that he doesn't instead of lying to let her die happy, though the fact that she had just tried to kill Mei likely influenced this to some degree. Appearance Edit In the anime, Kouichi has a younger face, and had short brown hair and brown eyes. Shinobu Ono - Killed by someone on 29th January. When he first joined the class on May 6th, the class's head of countermeasures, Izumi Akazawa , was not present, and no one else in the class informed him of the conditions of the charm possibly for fear of violating the charm themselves. Mei is devastated and attempts to take out her artificial eye, but doesn't. Izumi arrives, witnessing the scene and assumes that Misaki had killed her, since she was holding her knife in her hand. Another anime wikipedia

Another anime wikipedia

Another anime wikipedia

Another anime wikipedia

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