Hairstyles for people with thick hair 12 of the Most Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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How to Deal With Thick Hair: Three Easy Hairstyles

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Hairstyles for people with thick hair

Consider some subtle or bold carved designs added to your taper fade for added visual interest. You can let your natural texture work for you in shorter looks as well. I recommend a sea salt spray for grit while blow drying and a molding paste to finish. If you have a curling wand, curling iron, or flat iron and some texture spray or wax, you are all set! Styles like these require plenty of maintenance and you will probably need to be in the salon every weeks getting the cut cleaned up. I feel that the muted tones of this color really accentuate the haircut! The good news is that half-up looks are very trendy right now, so you can still go for this look and keep your hair out of the way when necessary! Hair is there to be changed, chopped, and coloured. Muted edge. It also looks great with it pulled back, keeping a few layered pieces down and around your face. This style would work well for those gals looking to elongate a round face. It really allows your cut and color to shine and steal the show! Hairstyles for people with thick hair

Hairstyles for people with thick hair

Hairstyles for people with thick hair

Hairstyles for people with thick hair

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    This look is low-maintenance! You can blow dry just the roots if more volume is desired.

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    Back-Swept And Wavy Medium mens hairstyles look nice if your hair has a tendency to a wave. I always recommend a round brush with both boar and synthetic bristles for those with thick coarse hair.

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