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Imgur dom

In sections, the translate and localize filters will try to find a translation in the context of the current section, then in the section's schema, then in the global context. I'm looking to learn something else and wondering if I should dig into Web Components or something like Ivi. Maybe you can try to think about ordered lists and complex data transformations, not just basic values. Theme authors must also make sure that when a section or block is selected, that section or block is visible and remains visible while it is selected. The translate and localize filters work within sections, just as they do in other templates. The preset's settings schema must be valid according to the section's settings schema. A block's type may be any value set by the theme developer. Sections can also define their own translations in their schema. Static sections should instead use default settings. Sections that have presets should not be statically included in the theme's templates. But even when you can't, you can separate the code used to construct your reactive objects from the code that initializes them. A preset's settings object contains the values that will be assigned to the section when a merchant adds it to their home page. I'm not sure what you mean. To help with this, the editor fires DOM events within the context of the theme page that is, the preview of the theme which the theme's JavaScript should listen and react to: This poses a problem for any custom scripts that would need to be re-run. Imgur dom

Imgur dom

Imgur dom

Imgur dom

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