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It took days of several of us harassing PornHub to get this remedied. Like Walmart, the quality of films made goes way down. At the end of the day, that costs too much in money, time, and energy for sex workers — especially disabled SWs. That means working much harder for less overall pay, something that has a lot of performers afraid for their career safety. For performers who, like any other human in an occupation, has a family or another job to worry about? This means users can upload clips they got from any performer without that performer benefitting. Other paid sites to check: If this were something YouTube did, you bet Viacom and others would stomp on this. They lack representation. Once they filed to get that removed, it took quite a bit for PornHub to get on it. The AgeID system that MindGeek sites will use does more than that — it collects information about you. The monopoly MindGeek holds on streaming sites, in addition to the big production names they own or are involved with, make it very difficult for performers to feel like they can speak up. I highly suggest reading it because it highlights how awful other sites are as well. Then in an effort to seemingly comply with the DMCA, removes clips on request — only to have the compliance department send the removed material to the upload department, where this cynically cyclical process is endlessly repeated. The program will find the names, postal addresses, nationalities, dates and places of birth, email addresses, mobile phone numbers and demographic information of its users. What happened to youporn

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