Great gatsby outfit ideas women Ain’t No Party Like a Roaring 20s Party – 80 Great Gatsby Outfits that are the Bee’s Knees!

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20s Costume - Gatsby, Flapper Girl

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Great gatsby outfit ideas women

Women wore dresses all day, every day, rain or shine. For more awesome style ideas, check out our fashion section. Striped, plaid or windowpane suits came in dark grey, blue and brown in winter and ivory, white, tan and pastels in summer. His hat of choice was the newsboy cap or a used felt hat. Take a look at these 20s casual outfit ideas and these non-flapper outfit ideas. Add to that some lavish accessories, such as a diamond tiara or headband , silk shawl , feather fan , long pearl necklace , and gold arm bangles, and women looked like silent movie stars! Wardrobes in particular went though a dramatic transformation. Daywear accessories included cloche hats , seamed stockings , a purse , gloves and maybe jewelry. In turn, society responded by giving them the name flappers, meaning bright and independent, but flaky and hedonistic young women. Men also wore hats such as the felt fedora, classy Homburg or round bowler. Well, we have a comprehensive, 4 step process to get you started: The look can be completed with brogue shoes, and a straw flattop hat in summer. A flapper bride? The s were an exciting era, with an abundance of innovations and technological advancements. Those who wish to attend dressed as vintage gangsters, on the other hand, should generally try to stick to darker colors, and accessorize with a Peaky Blinders-style cap or a fedora. As with ladies, hair and accessories should not be underestimated. Great gatsby outfit ideas women

Great gatsby outfit ideas women

Great gatsby outfit ideas women

Great gatsby outfit ideas women

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  • Yozshubei says:

    Now thanks to several movies and TV series set in the s, twenties fashion, clothing and costumes are everywhere!

  • Kijora says:

    Now, 5 years later, Gatsby-themed parties are as popular as ever. As with ladies, hair and accessories should not be underestimated.

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    The dress shirt was unique with a white round or pointed collar on a colored body of stripes or light pastel solids. Finally, the most important touch — the accessories!

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    Those wishing to look as polished and refined as Gatsby, should opt for a slicked-back hairstyle, combined with a tie and a pocket handkerchief in bright, playful colors. Hats and shoes, scarves, pocket handkerchiefs, ties and trouser suspenders became available in a mind-boggling variety of colors and styles, helping each youth find an original look, that underlined their individuality.

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