Harmony kingdom sin city Harmony Kingdom Sin City Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Treasure Jest Box Figurine

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Harmony kingdom sin city

A recent example of this is "Algenon", Peter's hilarious sculpture of his real-life cat knocking over a potted plant. While carving the piece, he heard a radio report about the volcanic eruption on Montserrat, and could have sworn the announcer said "monster rat"! A meerkat suffers from food poisoning. A duck billed platypus tries to absorb the aphrodisiac properties of the rhino horn. The boxes are funny, and they're gently thought-provoking, and more than that, they don't take themselves too seriously. Inevitably, the first version is the rarest. S e c r e t s Sin City is fourth in the series of signed and numbered multi-compartment limited edition box figurines, featuring the seven deadly sins housed within an overcrowded zoo. While the exterior may simply appear to be an exquisite sculpture of an iris or a marsh marigold, inside is another story. But one can dig deeper, and enjoy it on other, more cerebral, levels. By 'dangerous', I don't mean offensive, I mean dangerous financially. One of the bears is sick after eating chips, while another has kicked the beak off a flamingo. Each flower has a different scene inside - Lord Byron at the gym, or playing his pipe organ, or jamming with Cricket Charlie at the bar. An elephant has three earrings, although with the size of his ears, he has room for many more. Harmony kingdom sin city

Harmony kingdom sin city

Harmony kingdom sin city

Harmony kingdom sin city

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