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Racial and sexual slurs are allowed, racist and sexist entries are not. Meaning is in the eye of the beholder, but maybe spelling and punctuation are as well. Dana Krieger, Minus-8 Industrial chic adj. Dana Krieger, Minus-8 Fresh adj. And the federal circuit court of appeals, you know, often turns to dictionaries in order to figure out what particular patent specifications means. But crowd sourced, doesn't that cause problems? We want to hear of instances where judges or lawyers had to turn to some source to find a definition for some term that might be unfamiliar in court. And we hope you drive carefully and don't get picked up. It is an antiquated way of working, but then that is the point. And while a case's outcome doesn't rest on a sole definition, Urban Dictionary has ultimately been a lexical resource that's aided in legal decisions. Oh, all right. Some have argued that Barack is actually gay and believed that he was marrying a man when he married Michelle. Any design with magnets. Team, Ammunition Group Give them a finger idiom. I've used it to find out what words have meant, you know, in an internet-based discussions. Go urban dictionary

Go urban dictionary

Go urban dictionary

Go urban dictionary

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    So the way the courts are using it often is as a kind of back-up source.

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    At its best, Urban Dictionary is a weathervane of our times, recording muffin top as far back as Or, as one headline writer has already posited: When you come across a slang term you don't know or maybe worry that the jury may not know, how do you find an authoritative definition?

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