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Girls like bad guys

Popular compilations include a post by itsnarcisco that gained over 22, views shown below, left and a post by Zuko that gained 1, views in less than two days shown below, right. They don't want to say the wrong thing and piss a girl off, and they don't want to risk appearing too interested in sex or in women themselves and risk their harmless nice-guy status. It's the bad boys who win; the rogues, the rascals. Bad boys are the antithesis of everything the nice, friendly, safe provider-types strive to embody. They're honest and confident. Those two areas are: Let's face it the lower the lows, the higher the highs seem to feel. Girls do like bad boys. Hopeful, perhaps. On June 18th, , Its music video was published to YouTube and gained over 22 million views shown below. Bad boys don't care about any of that. Alas, the patriarchy and rape culture strike again. You want to become a man who's both visually, viscerally compelling, and compelling once a girl starts actually getting to know him. They never promise her the world; even if they do, girls know they can't and won't deliver on that promise. He wins despite the circumstances. Girls like bad guys

Girls like bad guys

Girls like bad guys

Girls like bad guys

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