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Playmate strip

They knew it might, but they did it anyway. Although the stunt wasn't original it's still a savvy business plan. If that's a protocol that local Taranaki people want adhered to they need to make more noise about it. Neither is the outrage. How many fantasies, followers and freebies does that generate? The ensuing controversy then further swells her following and subsequently, her wallet. To be clear, she certainly does have it and her nearly , Instagram followers agree — heck, even the local tourism board Venture Taranaki wanted a piece of Jaylene, responding "Great effort". Jaylene works in an increasingly connected world, with words and images sent and resent from one edge of the world to the other, where context and meaning are needed more than ever but so often edited out and not passed on. What controversy does that stir? And the local mayor. It was better for business to stay culturally blinkered. Would she have dared to bare if a camera weren't there? It was minus 11 at the summit — don't worry Cook wore a hat and gloves throughout - and she described the nippy thrill of posing starkers atop the Taranaki icon as "natural and pure" and "about freedom and empowerment". Playmate strip

Playmate strip

Playmate strip

Playmate strip

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