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China's homemade gun!

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Chinese homemade tube

For sweet sausage, mix salt, sugar and white pepper. Freshwater fish come mainly from rivers, lakes and streams. The reason? For example, if you find the dough too tough and difficult to pull, simply let it rest a few more hours. Some freshwater fishes have also been marketed as if they are ocean catch by giving them names closely associated with saltwater fish. However for healthier reasons, air-cured method is much more popular than traditionally smoked way. Why hand-pulled noodles are the easiest homemade noodles and the one you should learn first This leads me back to one of my fun cooking experiences several years ago. Tie one end and then cut off the remaining skin. Freshwater fish tend to have a muddy taste unless they have been placed in fresh flowing water for a few days to clear their digestive systems up. Even in expensive cities like Beijing, you can still spend 3 to 4 dollars to get a very decent big bowl of noodles in a restaurant. The Chinese will usually use them whole in soups such as these milkfish soups. Fish is one of the healthiest meat in the modern diet, from a nutritious point of view. Despite the low cost of noodles at restaurants, a lot of people still enjoy making them from scratch at home. I have tried different ratios to make this dish work, but I found that the ratio in the recipe below works best. Make a dough that is not too tough. Let me put this in an extreme way — if you let the dough rest long enough, almost ANY ratio of flour, water and salt will work. Let the dough rest for enough time. Chinese homemade tube

Chinese homemade tube

Chinese homemade tube

Chinese homemade tube

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  • Tojin says:

    Ocean catch Saltwater fish are more common in Singapore.

  • Mazukinos says:

    Then add white spirit Chinese Baijiu and mix well. These are usually medicinal soups.

  • Jutilar says:

    Massage with hands and make sure all the ingredients are well combined. It is expensive because it isn't available locally and need to be imported from afar. Then soak the skin in lukewarm water.

  • Dijas says:

    The Americans should consider fishing them for food.

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    Then soak the skin in lukewarm water. In recent years, concerns about pollution in rivers and lakes have also cast a rather bad light on freshwater fish.

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